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What does it require to arrange a PhotoMarathon?

1: First of all

In order to organize a great PhotoMarathon you need ideas, inspiration, rules, plans, topics, sponsors and money.

2: Some of the basic questions you should consider

  • Do you want to have a PhotoMarathon that lasts for 6, 12 or 24 hours.
  • How many topics pr. hour.
  • How will you distribute the topics:
    • All at once or Four topics every fourth hour.
    • Will you distribute them on paper, by sms, by Twitter...
  • Will you allow post-manipulated pictures or onle pictures direct from the camera.
  • Who can participate: Digital photographers, analog photographers, mobile cameras?
  • How will you award the winner(s)

3: Now you need to be more concrete

  • When will you hold this event (beware of holidays, exams and other major events).
  • How many can participate?
  • Should you have one base or several around the town (remember to make it comfortable for the crew, i.e. in-door at night, toilets etc.
  • How will you get the pictures from your participants?
    • Upload to your server.
    • Upload to the sky (Dropbox)
    • Copy the images from the memory card.
  • Who should judge the pictures.
  • Will you make a psychical exhibition or have it on-line?

4. Economy

  • What will it cost to participate?
  • How many prizes (1st, 2nd, 3rd place). How large should they be.
  • Can you find some governmental funding for this social event?
  • Du you need sponsors?
  • Perhaps some of your sponsors would use the pictures from your PhotoMarathon. So, what about the copyright...
  • Are the organizers paid. Or is it volunteering. Very few organisers of a PhotoMarathon that we know of, are paid for arranging a marathon. It’s a lot of work, but definitely also a lot of fun.

5. Marketing

Marketing is very important. How will you tell people about you PhotoMarathon?

  • Begin by having a Facebook and/or Google+ page, where you invite friends as fans and followers.
  • Photomarathon.com. Let your PhotoMarathon be visible here on Photomarathon.com. Go to the sign up page and get your marathon on the list.
  • Make your own homepage.
  • Ask your sponsors. They often have a network, a Facebook page, newsletter etc. where they can bring the news out to many people.
  • Classical marketing (posters, flyers, advertisements in newspapers and photo magazines, publicity on radio and television ...).

6. Support and inspiration from other organizers

  • We are many people in this world who are experienced in arranging a PhotoMarathon and many of us are ready to give you help, advice and support. For that purpose we have a closed Facebook group only for you who organize a PhotoMarathon. Here you can ask any question and get answers from other organisers. We also help you with the contact to internaional sponsors, eg. Cewe Photobook.
    If you want to join the group, please tell which PhotoMarathon you are from. Click here to join the facebook group.
  • Many PhotoMarathons let organizers of other PhotoMarathons participate for free. This is a great chance to exchange ideas, get inspired and make friendships. If you are planning to make your first marathon, I'm sure that you are welcome to visit, join the crew or participate in many Photomarathons.
  • Free software. PhotoMarathon Loader is a software, used to load and analyze JPEG files in connection with photomarathons. It is made by Brian Brinch for the danish FotoMarathon but it may be used by all. It loads all JPEG files from a folder (eg. a Dropbox folder) or a memory card and save them on your computer. The software can also check if certain rules are respected or not. The software is free to use.
    Visit the page, read more and download the software here.
    There is also a closed Facebook group where users of the software can get support from other users. You find the group here.

7. Now you are on the way to realize your dream...